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Studio Microphone

Behind Our Studio Doors

Record Your Own Sounds

Looking for a studio that’s comfortable, convenient, and chock-full of the best equipment? Then look no further than ToneDeaf Studio. We’re your one-stop-shop for all the recording services you require. 

We provide recording studio equipment of the highest caliber, helping our clients capture their best performances. ToneDeaf offers a huge variety of outboard, microphones, and backline equipment lovingly assembled and curated over the last 15 years.

While we have amassed a large collection of equipment over the last few years, we remain adaptive to a shifting musical landscape. Therefore we are always adding to our recording studio equipment list. You’re sure to find some rare and specific items in this list, whether it be a specific vintage ribbon mic or even a compressor from the 1970s.

Audient ASP 8024 High Resolution Mixing Console
48 input | 96 Channels

Dynaudio BM15A (active)
Yamaha NS-10M studio (passive)
Tannoy Reveal 6P (passive)

Urei 1178 dual peak limiter
Retro Sta-Level Gold Edition
Neve 2254R

API 2500 stereo bus compressor

2 x Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor

2 x DBX 160A

2 x DBX 166XL (stereo)

Drawmer DL241 (stereo)

2 x FMR RNC1773 (stereo)


Di Boxes

Radial Pro48 Active

2 X LD Systems LDI02 Active



Radial X-AMP Active AMP Driver


AKG K271

Beyerdynamic DT100 / DT770

Studio Running on
ProTools HD2 Accel System
with 3 x 192 I/O Audio Interfaces
24 In | 48 out

Mic Pre's
Avalon AD2022 dual channel
TLAudio PA-1 dual channel
Focusrite OctoPre MkII


Neumann M147 tube
STC-Coles 4038 Ribbon (BBC 1957)
2 x AKG C414 XL II
AKG C3000B

AKG D112
AKG Pro35x
Electrovoice Blue Raven
4 x Sennheiser MD421-II
Sennheiser E902
Sennheiser E606

2 x RODE NT-2000

4 x RODE NT-5 (2 x stereo pair)

4 x Shure SM57

Shure SM58

Shure Beta58A


4 x CAD TSM 411

3 x CAD ICM 417

Tape Machine

Studer A810  2 track, 1/4 inch

Reverbs | Delays

Yamaha SPX 90

Vintage Dynacord VRS23
Alesis Midiverb4

Yamaha REV500


Digitech TSR24

Plugins by

Waves | Izotope | Autotune | Bomb
Factory | Native Instruments  Komplete
SoundToys | Sony Oxford | Amp Farm

Studio Backline
Pearl Export Drum set (1990)

 22" - BassDrum
 13",14",16" Toms
Vintage FARFISA Syntheslalom
M-Audio Keystation Pro88
M-Audio Keystation 61es

Upon Request

(rental charges apply)
20" - BassDrum
10", 12" , 14" , 16" Toms
14" Snare
Orange AD30 Head with 4x12 cabinet

Orange Rockerverb 50 with 2x12 combo

Ampeg SVT4 with 4x10/1x15 cabinet

Orange TerrorBass with 4x12/1x15 cabinet
Microkorg XL
Kurzweil SP88


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