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Vintage Mic
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Experience ToneDeaf


ToneDeaf Studio is a well-renowned Music Production Studio founded in 2005. The stimulating atmosphere combined with our top-of-the-line equipment has led to the production of many great audio recordings. Contact us to learn about our special offers and rates.



We’ve spent years working with musicians, so we understand the importance of well-maintained equipment. High-quality equipment guarantees consistency, making sessions easier and enhancing your recording. All of our equipment is well looked after, keeping on top of faults so it’s ready for you to use. You’ll have just what you need to hone your sound.

Equipment List



A studio is only as good as its equipment. We offer everything that goes into a great-sounding recording. You’re likely to have encountered a lot of it, but we have some equipment you may never have seen. Beautifully maintained microphones, preamps, consoles, and compressors, both old and new. All of it does at least one thing amazingly, the sum total of which will result in a rich sound that is totally unique to ToneDeaf Studio.

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