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Recording | Mixing for "Which Body?"

October 3, 2014

by Korina Kontaxaki and Eleni Cosma

The play is based on the real notes of a person with «gender dysphoria»’, who wishes to remain anonymous. Ioanna hides in the safety of her bedroom, away from anyone who might ask her name. As she grows, her trapped, inner self, Paris (presented as a separate character in the play), begins to express himself through the drawings on her bedroom wall. As the play unravels, Paris becomes more and more demanding, fighting for the right to speak, to exist. In all of this struggle and isolation, the only ray of light is her best friend, Katie, with whom Paris is in love. When Katie finally manages to see Ioanna’s true self, she falls in love with him too… but their love hits a dead end, because in order for Paris to exist and be with her… he must lose Ioanna. Something which is impossible for her mother to accept, as she adamantly refuses to see anyone but the girl she gave birth to.

The play «Which body?» was selected among other plays submitted under the programme PLAY, co-organised by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation and the Cyprus Centre of International Theatre Institute.

Direction: Korina Kontaxaki
Set-Costume design: Giorgos Chiotis
Music: Angeliki Kouali
Assistant to the Director: Eleni Cosma


Marina Mandri, Nayia Anastasiadou, Elena Papadopoulou, Giorgos Anayiotos

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